“Caught between two worlds …” is not the most convenient place for most musicians. That, however, is where Oscar OZZ has felt most comfortable for years. Whether Deep House, Tech House, Indie Dance or Minimal: the most important thing is that it grooves, is catchy and rocks the dance floor! His gigs at the hottest clubs in the country as well as his gigs abroad in Mexico, Bolivia, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Norway etc. have also been highly praised in retrospect, just like his regular festival appearances at e.g. SonneMondSterne, Sputnik Springbreak or Summerspirit.

Every year many tracks appear, mostly on vinyl, and sweeten up – not only in this country – music lovers’ lives. Oscar’s discography is very comprehensive and includes famous productions on many different labels such as Katermukke, Material Series, Confused, Perc Trax, Superfancy, BlackFoxMusic. Oscar OZZ is also known and notorious for his edits, which are distributed to a large fan base (> 5000 subscriber) free of charge on a monthly basis through his newsletter. Songs from many artists have thus had the pleasure to be enhanced for the DJ world.

Since 2003 Oscar OZZ is running different imprints like Karatemusik, KarateKlub, Lørdag, Kol Mojito, Extrasmart, Tape Select or OZZ Records. He’s also working together with different artists like Ron Flatter, Patrick Brosin, etc. to bring up their labels like Pour La Vie or .defaultbox to the top. Most of the tracks were released on vinyl and digital. The complete administrative stuff, like handling with pressing plants and digital distribution and accounting is managed successfully through Oscar OZZ. Check out his Blog to lern more about the work with Labels!