Thomas Schumacher b2b A.D.H.S. | Advent, Advent die Halle brennt | Sisyphos

Yes playing at Sisyphos is always magical, but this time was just on top of everything else! During the Set we both couldn't believe what was going on.. There was this intense connection between us and all the lovely dancers and we had this unique flow of creativity while we were playing. Thomas, thank you my Friend and Role Model for this 3 1/2 hours of pure joy and inspiration. 7 Years ago I danced the first time to a set played by you in Munich, now I have had the chance to close our best Set together with your timeless classic Pleasure Seeker <3
Also a big thank u to all the Dancers for the Energy & the Love , We know a lot of you took off on Monday just to be there, GRACIAS <3

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Thomas Schumacher:

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