schNee - Licht am Berg 27.10.18

...hello, so i was quite nervous. my first gig after the break and i had the honor to open the main floor on Saturday.
best requirements to record this - nervous, drunk and excited...! hell yeah!!
it has been a very emotional ride for me and i didn't expect how it will go, it ended with some classics and my favorite bakerman (cus when u know me, u know i have to play it)
I'm still overwhelmed by that warm welcome.
i was surrounded by so many lovely people & my friends who i call my family in an awesome location! the mood was so super special, magical, full of goosebumps & love! let the story do the talking =)
I'm very happy to call it my little comeback (:

thanks to all who have been with us these 3 days <3

schNee - Licht am Berg Festival 27.10.18
3 Tage Konzerte, Workshops, Panels und Rave.

for booking please write an email to