Set Of The Day Podcast - 432 - Robin Schellenberg

Robin Schellenberg made his first steps into music when he was 16. He bought some turntables and a mixer, the program Reason and the first version of Ableton. 2004 Robin moved from Frankfurt am Main to Berlin and started to discover the electronic music scene more and more. In his early Berlin time, Robin was running a recording studio in Kreuzberg, played in some underground bands and started some of his first electronic projects called Wijnstijn, Peinlich Unter Freunden and Geffen3 just to name a few. After concentrating many years in creating cultural spaces he released a Remix under one of his old aliases „Bonze & Krösus“ on Acker Records in 2015. Schellenberg also played several gigs in clubs like About Blank, Sisyphos, Wilde Renate and festivals like Fusion at Bachstelzen stage in 2011. After some time off, Schellenberg came back to making music in 2017, when he became part of the Riverside Studios in Berlin along Tobi Neumann, Martin Eyerer, Gheist, Pan-Pot and some more. Now he is running a studio there with his friends Daniele Di Martino & Gottlieb Scheppert. In the beginning of 2018 Robin co-founded the record label „Kamai“ with his fellows Jacob Groening, Zigan Aldi, Bonfante & Robert Helms (Umami). His first track „Elnath“ will be released under his real name “Robin Schellenberg” and got already signed by Mono.Noise. Official release will be in February 2019