Foxcast 26: Anja Schneider (September 2018)

To close out The Brooklyn Mirage 2018 summer season this September 29th, The Cityfox Experience: Transcend, a festival with three stages hosting a cast of the finest and most inspiring in house and techno, LIVE and DJ acts, fresh and near legendary alike ( Among the cast is Berlin’s Anja Schneider, who prepared this latest Foxcast to hold us over.

Cofounder of Mobilee in 2005, for years Anja served as the leading lady one of Berlin’s longstanding underground electronic music labels. Only last year, she founded Sous Music, on which she released ‘SoMe,’ her largest body of work in nine years. While ’SoMe’ showcases the softer touches of tech house, Anja’s most recent EP ‘Prosperity’, delves into the darker trenches of techno.

With this Foxcast, Anja presents tracks that delicately and perfectly balance both, light and dark, a reflection of her phases and transitions over her illustrious career. Anja lulls us in with Marcus Worgull’s renditions of The Cure’s Love Song and gentle vocals, then switching gears to delve into minimal, weaving in dubby melodies, and layering in female vocals. Committing the mix to rhythm that strips all away to bare rattling drums, Anja ultimately cedes to the driving bass and high hats of techno that we all know and love.

We cannot wait to hear Anja deliver for our season's end as we bid our goodbyes to our iconic palms and stunning Brooklyn summer sunsets until next year. Be sure to purchase your tickets here: