Set Of The Day Podcast - 387 - Fractal Architect

U.K. Producer Dan Watts has pedigree, he's been involved in electronic music since the late 1980's. A passion for early Electro gave way to new beat, acid house and techno. The desire to share 'the new sound' led to scores of illegal rave parties and numerous DJ residencies. A string of white label releases through the the 90's under various guises eventually led to the Fractal Architect production moniker. Under this name Dan brings to the table his own unique and genre blurring brand of deep, melodic electronic dance music. With signings to many high profile labels including Inner Symphony, KDB, Exotic Refreshment, Armada, Manual Music, Dear Deer and Cinematique, and his monthly radio show Depth Perception on DNA FM, the future is looking bright for Fractal Architect.

'One thing that never wavers is the immense beauty that his productions carry'
Mitch Alexander (Microcastle)