Foxcast 17: Ruede Hagelstein Live (September 2017)

German producer @ruede massive live Foxcast with a delectable taste of the sounds he will bring for The Cityfox Experience at The Brooklyn Mirage on September 9th, alongside Job Jobse, Atish, Patlac and more:

For this new Foxcast, Ruede weaves a hypnotizing tale using only his productions, remixes, and edits. A mystic intro hooks the your ear into a gradual submersion of driving bells that permeate the mix. The familiarity of 'Fetzo' and his remix of Marc Romboy's 'Counting Comets' anchor a slew of his other grooves.

A self-taught producer from the outskirts of Berlin who discovered the computer as a means of expressing himself, Ruede moved into the city to be closer to the epicenter of the music he loves. As a producer, he focuses upon perfecting melodies, a passion that is more than evident in his work. His finely-produced, detail-oriented music has been released on the likes of Watergate Records, Keinemusik, and Lebensfreude Records and his talents have been lauded by Sven Vaeth and Michael Mayer. Join us for his live set on September 9th at The Brooklyn Mirage.