Set Of The Day Podcast - 368 - Steve Simon

Steve Simon
Being a modest, introverted, and claustrophobic misanthrope, the smooth-domed Steve avoids the limelight. In nightclubs, he can be found in his preferred spot: safely
barricaded behind towers of equipment.
As long as he can remember, Steve has had a great dream: traveling as a cast member of the State Ballet of East Kazakhstan in the performance of a neopostbaroquemodern version of Swan Lake. Due to his unfortunate lack of the minimum height requirement for neopostbaroquian East Kazakh State Ballet dancers, weak ankle joints, as well as a general aversion to dancing, it is safe to assume that this dream will remain unfulfilled.
After having attained the expert-level rank of vodka eliminator, Steve is well aware that the bar is the most important element of the night club.
It is noteworthy that, since age 22, he has been a successful reader. More recently he has mastered drawing six of the eight letters of his name - if given enough time. It’s not like he’s ever had to sign autographs anyway.
As recommended by Hitchhiker’s Guide, he always packs a comfy towel.

What else?
Oh, sure, when he plays house music, they all dance.