Set of the Day Podcast - 290 - ASAS

The intrigue for difference and identity, fundamentally lead to the inception of ASAS’ sound. Personifying synthesis to have his own DNA in it, Denis became obsessed with being associated specifically for a synth only recognizable as his own.

His uniqueness didn’t go unnoticed; his experimental synth work stemmed the start of a close brotherly bond with the Mia Mendi duo & skipping to present day, ASAS now is the A&R for Mia Mendi’s Suah imprint. Sharing the same mindset of dark, deep, melodic and eclectic productions, lead a complete rebrand of the label, with ASAS playing a big role.

Strongly believing music has to have emotion, there is a strong intrigue and mysticism surrounding the Belgrade-born producer at the moment, who’s one and only objectives is not to release on the biggest labels, but to take people on a journey through a sonorous symphonic, hand crafted by himself.