Set of the Day Podcast - 277 - Thomas Maschitzke

ike many others, Thomas contracted his passion for deejaying not only because of the music itself, but because of a huge interest in new ways of making music and the desire for mastering these ways. Nevertheless, the music was a rudimental element in Thomas' life since he was able to walk. After years of piano practice and because of a certain affiliation with Hip Hop, he eventually exchanged the piano with a microphone to become a MC, because entertaining others was always a priority for the young artist. But at the same time he also got in touch with the exzessive and legendary night life of Berlin. Thomas rapidly came to the conclusion that only electronic music in its essence is able to create pure hedonistic satisfaction without any conventions. Because he is thoroughly an entertainer as well, it was clear that his place was behind and not in front of the decks and so he established his project Thomas Maschitzke in 2012. His sound is most likely located in the deep house section, but its powerful and dreamy melodies paired with catchy beats give proof, what a one-of-a-kind artist Thomas is. In 2016, he realesed an in-house production for Suspekt Records and Rawls Music, right after releasing a remix on Submarine Vibes. Since then, it seems that the worcaholic can not be stopped, thinking of his personal highlight, his live-sets at Ritter Butzke and the Sonne Mond Sterne festical, for example. But not only on his own, Thomas is able to create an icredible vibe. Together with his friend and label head Konstantin Rausch, he started the collective Unbespielt in the beginning of 2017.