Set Of The Day Podcast - 218 - I Am Frost

played some nice music at 3000° Festival, Wilde Möhre Festival, Meeresrausch Festival, Fundbeuro Hamburg, Kiste Baden, Rummelsbucht Berlin, Revier Zürich, Weidendamm Hannover, Mensch Meier Berlin, Docks Hamburg, Suicide Circus Berlin, Café Gold Zürich, MIKZ Berlin, Favela Münster, MS Stubnitz and lots a lot of other nice locations.
More than a decade ago, at Fusion Festival 2005, René first experienced that magic moment that infected him with a passion for electronic music. When he returned back home he immediately bought his first two turntables, a mixer and a small bundle of vinyl. A fascination that has never lost its grip on him.
In 2013 René launched himself as I am Frost and started playing live on several festivals and locations. Since then he kept constantly developing his own producing style and released several EPs, singles and remixes on various labels. Right now I am Frost is working on new material for 2017 that is sure to attract the attention of a few major players on the clubbing scene.